Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Joy of Being is Good for You

The joy of being contributes so much to our health and well being that I’m not sure it will ever be fully documented as to how it works.  

 Can we really ever put a finger on that anyway? Does it really matter?  No, just be happy or choose emotions that move you in that direction.  

You know it feels better, so why not do it?   

I know that I have in the past scientifically explained how the happy mood or happy face causes a series of reactions in our bodies that result in increasing our health.   

See my blog on “Positive ThoughtsCreate a Happier Body” for some of the science behind joy.   

This response within our bodies triggers an amazing chain of chemicals which result in an increased sense of well being which in turn results in a positive immune system boost, etc.

Therefore, “the happier you get, the happier you get.”  It is really true.  These clichés that are common to the “new age” community or whatever you want to call it, really do work.  Try it out.

If you’re not in the best of spirits try watching a really funny movie, that’s wholesome and will just make you laugh.  You will feel better.  

Look at photos of laughing children; you can’t stay upset or grumpy.  Start making a collection of photos that you like out of magazines, or collect them off of the net.  Whenever you find yourself not in the best of spirits go through these photos. 

The joy does spread, you see the joy, you feel the joy and then others catch it as well.  Yea! Joy is contagious. 

I realize that some people want to be angry or hold a grudge; if that is you then I hope you enjoy the emotions you are choosing to carry.  

I recently worked with someone who was holding onto anger, but ready for it to shift and didn’t know how to move out of this.  

There are a lot of examples of how to shift your consciousness throughout my blogs, but if you are getting stuck with a feeling or thought that you are having a challenging time shifting, please contact me.   

This is an aspect of what I do and you will benefit from your own motion toward wanting more peace and joy in your life.  It definitely changes physical symptoms as you release old patterns of behavior and change your attitude toward the world. 

I help people remove those sneaky subconscious judgments and false beliefs that are creating misery and ill health in their life.  I work remotely.  Feeling old patterns leave you sets you free, symptoms disperse, diseases may go away, and living gets better.

Dr. Samantha Joseph


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Changing Your Consciousness from Resistance to Peace- Stop the Pain, Enjoy Your Life!

When there are pain syndromes in the body, mind or spirit, there is a physical state of contraction and restriction.  

One way to change that resistance, a thought creating contraction in the body resulting in the pain, is to change the thought.  

Not always an easy practice, but doable.  Let’s work on how to release that contraction.    

Sometimes the pain is there to make us aware we are holding constriction and contraction in our body.  Why are you doing this?  

The pain makes you aware of the constriction.  Thank it, be grateful it came to your awareness, now you know you were constricted, let it go. 

Use your mind this week to deliberately choose the gratefulness of being.  If you created your current state with your current focus, you know you can modify your focus which will in turn change your state.     

As you choose to be in a state of gratefulness there becomes no possible way for your mind to choose bitterness, sadness, despair, or disdain.  You emotionally cannot be in a state of gratefulness and feel unhappy or unloving.

Allow yourself to control your mind, not allowing it to control your state of being.  Deliberately choose to not multitask with your mind.  

Choose to consciously become grateful of each and every experience you have, even the ones that irritate you.  All of your experiences are there for a reason, making you aware of something, be grateful.  BE grateful this entire week.  

Commence you week by journaling about your current state of awareness and at the end of the week journal about the difference you feel within yourself.  If doing a week seems daunting, start with just one day or even the next 10 minutes.  

Notice how your sense of well being changes from before to after completing the gratefulness workout.

Begin in this moment to be grateful for everything you can think of.  What you perceive as bad as well as good.  Thankful that you were born, thankful that you could take another breath, thankful that you can look out of your eyes and see the beautiful world around you or great photographs on the net.  

Be thankful that you can hear the sound of your breath if you listen closely enough and that you can feel the temperature of the air change as you inhale and exhale through your nostrils.  

Become so conscious of being grateful that it overshadows all reactions.  This will create a beautiful sense of being within yourself today which will spread to all of those around you.  

If you speak, only share from that point of gratefulness.  There will be no room for the negative thoughts if you constantly refocus on how much you do have and how grateful you are that you can use your mind to redirect your consciousness to all the wonders that are with you in every waking moment.

If you mind is focused on not feeling thankful for something then change it and practice being thankful for that.  Take whatever you are in resistance to and change it to embrace it.  

Put a positive spin on all your resistance to everything you can think of for the entire day.  See how you feel at the end of the day, recap within your mind how you felt earlier and then what changed by day’s end. 

If you think you don’t have enough money, be totally thankful for all of the money you do have.  Look for what you can to be thankful for, and feel the emotion of thankfulness, it’s empowering.  

Were you able to write a check and have enough money to cover it today?  Give thanks, as much as you can possibly feel to all the money that IS in your life. This attracts abundance.  Feel the joy in that.

If you are irritated with your spouse, change your mind to be thankful for the fact you have a person in your life that loved you enough to marry you.   

Look at all of the special things they do for you; be thankful for every one of those.  This emotion will change your vibration toward that person and they will feel it. 

If you are still a young person living at home and resenting your parents for curtailing your behavior, be grateful for living, for having a place to live in and for someone who cares enough to help redirect you.  

You can change your attitude toward  anyone and this will in turn change their attitude toward you. 

Watch the magic unfold in whatever relationship you are choosing to become grateful for.  

Enjoy the journey of refocusing your consciousness. 

Dr. Samantha Joseph
(316) 685-1581

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Self Love, Healing Issues with Food and Weight

The self love process creates healings, but it requires you to be in touch with yourself and feel your current feelings.  

 Feelings are something that tend to be judged negatively in our western culture.  

With sayings like no pain, no gain, or just push through.  These do not create a healthy self awareness or sense of self-respect and love.  

 Those sayings are sometimes a fix, but temporary if you can’t face what’s behind your current issue. 

Your issues will continue to get triggered by various events if you do not face the thoughts you’ve imprinted as truths within yourself and decide to change them.  

Your judgment and false beliefs do not go anywhere if you do not become aware and choose to change them or just let them go.  You are not horrid if you just can’t choose a different feeling, or just push through the current one.   

Love yourself through your process of becoming aware.

The more you love and accept yourself just the way you are, the less you will be inclined to put food in your body that no longer serves your health and well-being.   

The less you will desire to eat for emotional reasons, over eat or eat the wrong foods.  You then satisfy your own needs through self love, choosing to nurture your body with healthy choices. 

Look at ALL your judgments of yourself, maybe make a list.  Is there a main theme or belief you carry that manifests self-judgement in all of the ways you’ve listed? 

List the opposite thought across the list for each item.  Focus on those.  

 Know that the negative thoughts can be shifted. Choose to let go of the false beliefs and free yourself.  You can work through them.  Start with the main theme.

Find what works within the parameters of your own beliefs – allopathic or alternative.   

I'm not okay with just masking symptoms, I want real lasting change.  It is possible I see it all the time and you may need to initially mask symptoms, but it is not a long term solution. 

I suggest to you to read my blog on EFT and Ho’oponopono to work through the false beliefs you’re holding onto about self-image, self-acceptance and food.  

  1. Work through each one tapping in the positive, not traditional EFT.  
  2. Ho'oponopono what comes into your awareness as you tap through your list.  

If you can pinpoint the core belief work there first and change that.  It’s the fastest way.
If you would like assistance in this process I can help you pinpoint the core belief and teach you how to apply some of the tools I speak of to shift yourself into healing.

I work with people helping heal a variety of issues by applying similar techniques.  I help them feel what it's like to remove the blocks and feel the difference in their health and well being.  It’s easier to start by feeling what the shift is like so you can pattern for that and repeat the process.   It's an amazing journey.

Dr. Samantha Joseph
(316) 685-1581

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Forgiveness: A Path to Cultivating Peace, Health, and Harmony

Forgiveness is “the ability to let go of bitterness and resentment.”  

 These qualities of bitterness and resentment are not conducive to cultivating peace, happiness, health and harmony within.   

You cannot maintain health, if lurking within yourself is any aspect of bitterness or resentment toward yourself or others.  

This consciousness of resentment is a gift.  It is pointing the way toward the action you must take to liberate your own heart from the burdens it is carrying.     

You can lie to others, but not to your own heart.  If it is true your heart imprints your DNA, you do not want your entire physical structure and energy pattern embodying resentment and bitterness.  

Remember, the bible teaches, “so a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”  Release this pattern, it is not serving you.   

If you cannot do it today, ask that you may get there soon, and approach the issue again each day as many times as you desire to set yourself free from negativity.   

The sooner you address it the sooner you embody more peace. 

Any thought within you that creates disharmony is a key to something you need to work on within yourself.  The ability to forgive what is going on within you will lead you to a deeper place of self acceptance.  

As this occurs you will more easily be able to forgive others in their disharmonious ways.  You will maintain peace better in all situations.   

Your disharmony is yours and your responsibility is to dismantle or reshape the thought which is creating it.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”  Wouldn’t you like to have people look upon you and think how strong in character you are? 

You should really know for yourself how strong you are and this is one way to find out. 

People sometimes say.  I can forgive, but I cannot forget.  Henry Ward Beecher said this “is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. 

Forgiveness ought to be like a canceled note -- torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one.”  You can reach into your heart and forgive, no one can do it for you and it only hurts you if you don’t. 

The other person gets on with their life while you are still carrying the bitterness within yourself which poisons your own blood and weighs heavily upon your soul. Not a good plan.

The more you reach within yourself to understand and forgive you learn to love yourself deeper.  You are being triggered by your own demons which are usually projected onto others allowing you to see your lack of self confidence, fear that you are what you are seeing, etc.  

You are able to forgive to the extent that you love and accept your poor qualities and your good qualities.  In either case the poor or good are only the judgments you place upon yourself. 

As you practice the art of forgiveness toward yourself and others, you will allow you to feel peace and become more relaxed.  
François de La Rochefoucauld said “we pardon to the extent that we love.”  It’s true, take a look at it within you. 

Oscar Wilde said “always forgive your enemies -- nothing annoys them so much.”  I would not suggest aiming at annoying another for your own liberation from disharmony, but you have to keep laughing.  

I quoted Wilde as you need to keep your sense of humor in this process, it’s ironically funny once we walk through it and realize it was such a waste of time and energy.  Yet it reaps great benefit for yourself and others.

Disharmony, resentment, or bitterness pushes you away from others and yourself.  This resistance keeps the goodness and abundance which radiates out from your Source at bay and it cannot flow; therefore, peace cannot preside within you.

Know it is possible to attain peace and harmony within yourself.  

If you need help or assistance in dismantling your old false beliefs keeping you trapped in a reoccurring pattern that no longer serves you, contact me for assistance.  
Dr. Samantha Joseph
ph:  (316) 685-1581